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TTsims TT120 Dual Sim Vodafone Pay As You Go Mobile Phone

By: Ttsims
TTsims TT120 Dual Sim Vodafone Pay As You Go Mobile Phone


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Manufacturer Description

The TTsims TT120 is not only one of our newest phones but is also our cheapest mobile phone. For its price it has a huge range of features best of all being the ability to run two sim cards at the same time! This handy pocket size addition is the perfect phone for those who need a basic mobile phone. It also has a Camera, Bluetooth , loud volume and even a game. Enjoy clearer conversations thanks to good sound quality and loud volume. The Dual Sim TT120 is durable, sturdy, affordable and looks great. Its easy to use for texting and making calls. The TT120 is great for everyday use as the ease and reliability of this phone will amaze you, it even has a torch light function which is very handy. This is a Dual SIM phone, meaning that you can have two SIM cards in the phone which is very useful, especially when travelling. You may find the phone may not be compatible with regional technology and cell phone coverage plans. In these cases the device can then be switched easily from one carrier to another. The Dual sim feature on TT120 also helps in saving money by allowing users to use the best or cheapest alternate network available and helps when you run out of balance. The TT120 comes with a USB charging cable in the box which can be used in any PC or Laptop. You can use any existing USB charger plug that you already have at home just simply plug in the included USB cable. You can also purchase a USB mains plug charger if you wish to. Box Contains GSM Handset, battery, User manual, usb cable

Product Features

GSM900/1800 Dual Band - Two Sim Card Phone Bluetooth - Camera - 1.8" TFT Colour Screen FM Radio - MP3 MP4 - Text Messaging - Hands-free Speaker Easy to use simple menu - Mains Charger head Included Unlocked Sim Free - Works on all networks apart from Three