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Shark Proof Liquid Glass Wipe-On Screen Protector,Invisible,Scratch Resistance

Shark Proof Liquid Glass Wipe-On Screen Protector,Invisible,Scratch Resistance
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Manufacturer Description

Nano Technology:
Shark Proof is a unique proprietary nano technology formulation of Liquid Glass which easily applies onto you smart devices with ease and provides a host of benefits from certified 9H scratch resistance, hydrophobic and oleophobic coating to intense water resistance.

100% Invisible & Bubble Free:
One of the best features of Shark Proof wipe-on screen protection is that it is 100% invisible and bubble free. The wipe format is way more convenient and the protection is aesthetically pleasing because no air bubbles are trapped inside the protection.

Any Device:
Shark Proof can be applied to all kinds of screens, Satellite Navigation systems, Medical equipment, and children's educational toys. The list is endless. Don't risk your smartphone, tablet,Nintendo switch, Ereader, Kindle,monitors or Sony PSP screen get covered by Shark Proof today.

Package Includes:
1 X Cleaner / Primer used to prep your glass surface
1 X Nano Applicator used for applying the liquid screen protector as a wipe
1 X Anti-Static Microfiber cloth used for buffing the screen after application

Why Shark Proof
Shark Proof dedicates itself to provide customers with excellent service together with good quality products.
We pride ourselves in offering only the highest in quality so please order with confidence: Being an authorized seller with thousands of satisfied customers, we are here to help you make your Devices Screen protective and clean as you want it to be.
Please reach us with any questions. We appreciate your business.

Product Features

Liquid screen protector is suitable for ALL makes and models of phones and tablets, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, LG, Blackberry, Sony and all brands, fits curved and flat screens Unique Nano technology: Covers all screens up to 14 inches, Anti-bacterial, Water Resistant, Ultra-Thin, Invisible and 100% no bubbles Oleophobic and Hydrophobic layer reduces fingerprints and smudges, repels water and other spills from your device. Smart Feature safe, use over your camera, sensors, fingerprint and iris scanners. Anti Microbial, protects against germs and bacteria on your device.