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Mous Samsung Galaxy S10 Case - Limitless 2.0

By: Mous
Mous Samsung Galaxy S10 Case - Limitless 2.0
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Manufacturer Description

Limitless is engineered from the ground up to be a slim case that offers maximum protection. The ultra-efficient, impact-absorbing case uses Airoshock technology to offer incredible iPhone and Samsung drop protection. Limitless cases and its Airoshock technology will protect your phone even if you drop it multiple times. The cases use AiroShock, a high impact material which contains tiny air pockets and cross linking polymer chains that work like springs. Both the polymer and air pockets act together to absorb the energy of an impact and disperse it. This combination with our unique material blend provides cushion to the cases, absorbing impact from a fall, so that your phone remains safe. - screen protection - our team took it a step further and the cases will protect your phone even if you drop it screen-face down. How? every case has a raised front lip to help prevent the screen from hitting the ground keeping it protected.

Product Features