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Gadget Insurance

Insure Any Gadget

Insurance cover for all of your gadgets. Grab the 1st month free cover with unlimited claims and worldwide cover up to 180 days in any one year.

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Which Gadgets Can Be Insured?

Mobile Phone Insurance

Full protection for your mobile phone against accidental damage, theft and breakdown. Optional loss cover available.

Smart Watch Insurance

Smart watch insurance for fitness gadgets, Samsung Galaxy smart watch, Apple watch and other smart watches. Optional loss cover available.

Camera Insurance

Protect your camera and camera lenses, camcorder and Gopro camera from accidental damage, theft and breakdown.

Tablet Insurance

Protection for your E-readers, Apple iPad tablets and all other brands of tablets. Optional loss cover available.

Laptop Insurance

Laptop insurance for all brands of laptops and Apple Macbooks. With free collect and return on laptops.

Headphone Insurance

Headphone insurance for Apple headphones, Beats and Sennheiser. Any headphone up to the value of £2000 can be insured.

Wireless Speaker Insurance

Never worry about how expensive it will be to repair/replace your damaged or stolen wireless speaker with wireless speaker insurance.

Mp3 Player iPod Insurance

Keep the music playing when you cover your Mp3 player or Apple iPod with Mp3 player insurance.

Get Started For Free

Protect your gadgets against accidental damage, breakdown, theft and loss cover (optional extra for mobile phones, tablets and smart watches). You can get your 1st month for free and be instantly covered online.

Key Features Of Cover

Low Excess Fee

Depending upon the value of your gadget, the excess fee you pay can be as little as £50 towards having your claim processed.

Unlimited Claims

With no limit to the number of claims you can make in any single year, you can have them repaired/replaced as many times as you like.


1st Month Free

Choose to pay your policy monthly and get the 1st month for free. Pay annually and only be charged for 11 months, even at renewal.

Worldwide Cover

Wherever you travel in the world, take your cover with you. Up to 180 days cover in any given year.

Accessories Cover

Cover for accessories is included if they are lost stolen or damaged at the same time as your gadget. (Up to £150).

Still Not Sure?

One claim in a single year could save you hundreds of pounds in repairing/replacing a damaged gadget.